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We offer high energy, educational and motivating nutrition workshops and seminars for your office lunch and learn program, school or sports team. Book Diana Steele as your keynote speaker for your next conference and be inspired.

Looking for a dynamic, energetic and motivating speaker for your event?

As one of Canada’s Leading nutritionists, Diana had delivered hundreds of presentations across the country. Whether you are looking for a keynote presentation for your conference, a lunch and learn for your office or a sports nutrition talk for your child’s sports team, choose Diana or one of her team members for your event. Each presentation can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Types of presentations Available:

  • Lunch and Learn Seminar: 1 hour in your office while your staff each lunch.
  • School, PAC or ProD day: 1 or 1.5 hours at your school
  • Sports Team: All sports from kids soccer, Peewee Hockey, senior basketball, masters swim and tri groups.
  • Conference, trade show or Special Event: can be tailored to your needs
  • Keyenote (These presentations are booked through the National Speaker’s Bureau)

Contact us for information on fees.

Topics Available:



Eating for Energy

Food is Fuel! Establishing a consistent energy state is key to meeting both your fitness and health goals. A hectic schedule can make eating a healthy diet and maintaining your stamina a challenge. This seminar will teach you how to eat a balanced diet and how to improve your energy. It will also teach you the secrets of fat loss without deprivation and how to fuel your body better for exercise. The seminar will provide an opportunity to determine where you’re at and compare it to where you should be in terms of meeting your minimum nutrient requirements. It will also go over vitamin/mineral supplementation.

Eating on the Run

Healthy eating on the run is possible; it just takes a little thought and planning. In this session, you will learn what to eat and when to eat to maximize your energy. You will learn what to order and how to order the right foods from the right restaurants, delis and cafes. Demystify food labels and learn what types of foods to have ready to go on the fly.

Sports Nutrition

Food is the number 1 ergogenic aid, scientifically proven to improve athletic performance. Learn how to use food and fluids to your advantage in the motivating and practical session. This seminar will teach you not only what to eat on a daily basis but also the nuts and bolts of sports nutrition including pre, during and post-exercise fueling and hydrating. It will also discuss food safety, travel tips and restaurant dining. This seminar can be customized for your team to be sport specific and age appropriate.

Issues in Feeding Children

As children grow they develop new feeding skills, their tastes change and they acquire the ability to express their preferences. All of these milestones and many others in your child’s life create new issues in feeding children. Learn how to meet these challenges with support, openness and excitement, how to foster a positive feeding relationship and how to promote the best foundation for healthy eating habits in the future. Discover great ideas for feeding a busy family and how to meet the nutritional needs for children of all ages. Come armed with your own questions and challenges!

Women’s Health

Learn the most current information on women’s health issues. From prevention and treatment of chronic disease such as obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension to managing symptoms of PMS and menopause, this seminar is sure to get you thinking about where you are now and where you need to go in terms of your nutrition and health goals.

The Smart Vegetarian

This session is designed to create peace of mind for anyone wondering if their vegetarian diet is adequately balanced. Learn how to ensure protein, iron, B12 and calcium needs are met. You will also learn how nutrition can affect a sweet tooth, energy, and muscle cramping.

The Facts About Fat

We’ve all trimmed excess fat out of our diet. In this session you will learn why you still need some fat in the diet, how to get the right balance of “good fats” and why fat is important in maintaining a healthy weight. Hydrogenated and Trans-Fats will be discussed and practical tips for reducing your intake of these bad fats will be included.

The Top Ten Nutritional Myths

This session will debunk ten current myths in nutrition including: diet pop is better than regular pop, to lose body fat you must eat fewer calories, fat-free food is good for you and snacking is bad.

The Running Diet

Fueling your muscles with the right balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat is a key factor in optimal sports performance. Nutrition tips, hydration and how to prepare for a race will be looked at in this session.

Keeping Your Bones Strong

This session explores the risk factors for osteoporosis and reviews the key factors in building and maintaining strong, healthy bones.

Food Safety

How long did you thaw that meat? Have you checked the expiry date? Has that food been stored near other food that has gone bad? In this session you will learn how to safely purchase, store, prepare and eat food. You will also learn how long food can be stored. The symptoms of food poisoning, how to treat it and ways to boost your immunity against bacteria will be discussed.

Various Sport Nutrition Sessions also available…

• Issues for Female Athletes
• Pre-exercise and Recovery Eating
• Issues in Hydration
• Fueling Up for a Day on the Slopes

In addition to the above sessions, Eating for Energy can custom design a session designed to effectively meet the specific needs of your group. Just tell us what you need!